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Community Pet Project's purpose is to provide food, treats, grooming supplies and other
needed items or services to the pets of the homeless or at risk in Hillsborough County so
that they remain healthy and living together with their families.

Any special talents or skills you have that you feel would benefit our organization?

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As a volunteer of CPP I agree to abide by the policies and procedures set forth in our by-laws. I understand that I will be volunteering at my own risk and that the organization, its employees and affiliates, cannot assume any responsibility or liability for any accident, injury or health problem which may arise from any volunteer work I am involved in for the organization. I agree that all the work I do is on a volunteer basis and I am not eligible to receive any monetary payment or rewards.

I hereby authorize Community Pet Project and those acting pursuant to its authority to:record my likeness and/or voice on a video, audio, photographic, digital,electronic, or any other medium for promotional, advertising, educational, and/or other lawful purposes. I release and waive any rights of compensation or ownership regarding such uses and understand all images /recordings will remain property of CPP.

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